"Earth Under the Martians"

by Mark Hood

Humanity is on the run.
Book 2 in the 'Martians Return' Trilogy
# Aliens
# Alien Invasion
# Sci-Fi
# Alternate History
# Historical Fiction
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The second Martian invasion was swift, brutal and decisive. What remains of the human race is in hiding, desperately hunting for a means of defense. George is determined to keep his promise to Amy: no more heroics, no daring ventures, no unnecessary risk-taking. When their refuge is destroyed, however, they are plunged back into the battle and must make their way to Canada in search of vital materials. Martian sympathisers, a dangerous sea-voyage, an audacious heist and run-ins with untrustworthy allies are only a few of the challenges George and Amy must endure. Can they succeed, and return with new weapons to use against the Martians? Or will they witness humanity's last days?